Short Fiction Roundup & Awards Eligibility 2021

I’ve published some of my best short stories in 2021, so here is a roundup of a few of my favourites. I’d also love to be considered for the various fiction awards, including the Bram Stoker Award, Shirley Jackson Awards, and British Fantasy Society Awards, if you are reading or eligible to nominate for those.Continue reading “Short Fiction Roundup & Awards Eligibility 2021”

News: Debut Audio Drama – Daughter of Fire and Water

I’m thrilled to share that my debut audio drama ‘Daughter of Fire and Water’ is being produced by the wonderful ‘Alternative Stories and Fake Realities‘ podcast, and is scheduled for release this month, coming out in two episode parts. Daughter of Fire and Water is a Scottish Folklore inspired tale featuring climate change themes, elementalContinue reading “News: Debut Audio Drama – Daughter of Fire and Water”

21 Books Coming in 2021!

After compiling my Top 20 books in 2020 list, I’m looking to 2021 for more worlds to escape into. Most of the books in this list are science fiction, fantasy, horror, gothic, or folklore related, as that’s the sort of escapism I’m enjoying at the moment (as well as enjoying reading in the genres I’mContinue reading “21 Books Coming in 2021!”

My Top 20 Books of 2020

For me, one thing to come from 2020 has been extra time for reading. I’m also not sure what I would have done without books this year – especially as it’s been a great year of new releases and excellent debuts. I’ve found my reading tastes have veered a little towards fantasy, magical realism andContinue reading “My Top 20 Books of 2020”

24 Writing Prompts – #WritingAdvent

I missed out on doing NaNoWriMo as I was working on editing and revising (and trying to keep some work life balance), but I’m keen to spend December writing some new things – so I thought doing an advent of writing prompts could be a fun activity! I’ve created 24 prompts for this – feelContinue reading “24 Writing Prompts – #WritingAdvent”

Writing Resources – Getting Started…and Beyond

A friend who is wanting to get back into writing asked me to point them to any recommended resources for courses, opportunities, and general writing info. I ended up making a long list of things that have helped me over the years – so I thought I’d copy to the blog in case it’s ofContinue reading “Writing Resources – Getting Started…and Beyond”

13 Spooky Writing Prompts

If I’m struggling with writer’s block, it often helps me to brainstorm writing prompts (or find images that inspire me), and then try to write to them. So here are some (thirteen!) spooky and horror themed ones as it’s that time of year. Hope they provide some Halloweenspiration! A door that only opens at everyContinue reading “13 Spooky Writing Prompts”

Flash Fiction: Hide and Seek

I was shortlisted for Retreat West’s recent Micro Fiction competition – I unfortunately didn’t make it to the top three (and definitely check the winners out because they were all excellent!), but thought I’d share mine here anyway. It was inspired by the following photo prompt: Hide and Seek Ellie held the fern to herContinue reading “Flash Fiction: Hide and Seek”

Micro and Tweet-Length Fiction– Some Competitions and Prompts

Whilst absorbed in the busy world of editing for various projects, I’ve felt like I haven’t had that same buzz that comes with creating new work. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy editing and honing my writing to the best it can be, with redrafting and restructuring. But editing for me exercises different writing muscles.Continue reading “Micro and Tweet-Length Fiction– Some Competitions and Prompts”