#FolkloreThursday – A Collection of Stories from Scottish Folklore

I’ve been an active follower of #FolkloreThursday for a few years now. As well as being an excellent website full of interesting content, they also run a Twitter day for sharing folklore facts. When I came across the account, I spent months just following and reading everyone’s tweets on the weekly themes, and eventually sharing some tweet-facts myself, usually about Scottish Folklore. Being part of it has really re-invigorated my love of all things folklore, even helping me to reconnect with stories from my childhood – and I’m so grateful to the #FolkloreThursday team for all they do and have done over the years! Each week, I’ve always learned something new from around the world, and have enjoyed connecting with other folklore enthusiasts. Many of the posts have also inspired me to write more folklore-inspired stories as a result.

While Folklore Thursday are ending their hosted tweet days, I’m still looking forward to participating in the day and continuing to connect with others! And I’m definitely going to be keeping following the excellent content from the website, and any future plans the team have.

But for now, I thought I’d gather some of the favourite tweets I shared during #FolkloreThursday over the years, into a collection of stories and facts from Scottish folklore: below is a range of folk-tales, creatures and supernatural phenomenon. Some of these have inspired stories, or ideas, and I’m now happy to be working on a collection of folklore-inspired stories. I hope these facts and tales might also be interesting to others!

Thank you to #FolkloreThursday for the inspiration, fun and lovely community over the years!

I also wrote a blog about writing inspiration from folklore for anyone that got this far -find it here!

Some of my published folklore-inspired works include:

  • ‘Daughter of Fire and Water’, an Audio Drama – Part One, Part Two, Alternative Stories & Fake Realities Podcast – inspired by Bride and the Cailleach
  • The Lighthouse Seer‘, Northern Gravy
  • Two Faces of Winter‘, Cunning Folk Magazine – inspired by the Cailleach
  • Secrets of the Sea, Forest Publishing – inspired by Selkies
  • A Kelpie’s Breath‘, The Great Margin – inspired by Kelpies
  • With more forthcoming, including a Nuckelavee story in Wyldblood Magazine and a Ghillie Dhu story in Myriad Zineand a novella (more soon!)

Happy #FolkloreThursday!

Image credit: Feature image created with Wombo Dream app.

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