News: Debut Audio Drama – Daughter of Fire and Water

I’m thrilled to share that my debut audio drama ‘Daughter of Fire and Water’ is being produced by the wonderful ‘Alternative Stories and Fake Realities‘ podcast, and is scheduled for release this month, coming out in two episode parts.

Daughter of Fire and Water is a Scottish Folklore inspired tale featuring climate change themes, elemental magic and vengeful gods. It is being voiced by an excellent cast: Kelsey Griffin as Brida, Lewie Watson as Angus, Peter Forbes as Cernun, and Simone Lowe as Callie.

I’m also delighted that the drama will feature music from Cameron Mackay, a super talented composer. Cameron’s music has a lovely balance of traditional folk with some modern influences. The pieces we’re using are beautifully eerie and atmospheric, making them perfect for the story. You can listen to more of Cameron’s music here:

The full trailer was launched at the weekend and you can watch it via Twitter below:

The story started out as an origin tale for one of the characters in my in-progress young adult novel, but morphed into something quite different by the end. Still, it is inspired by similar elements of Scottish folklore, with the story of Cailleach and Bride forming the basis of the premise. I particularly drew inspiration from folklorist Donald Alexander Mackenzie’s interpretation of the Cailleach. It also takes a touch of the elements from Greek mythology stories of Demeter and Persephone.

Working in this new format has been a really interesting experience, so a big thank you to Chris Gregory, the masthead of the podcast, for his guidance as I worked through turning a short story into this script. The end product is so much better than it started, and I can’t wait for it to come to life in this form!

And of course, AltStories’ previous podcasts are excellent and available for free to listen to at any time, so do take a look and subscribe here.

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