24 Writing Prompts – #WritingAdvent

I missed out on doing NaNoWriMo as I was working on editing and revising (and trying to keep some work life balance), but I’m keen to spend December writing some new things – so I thought doing an advent of writing prompts could be a fun activity! I’ve created 24 prompts for this – feelContinue reading “24 Writing Prompts – #WritingAdvent”

13 Spooky Writing Prompts

If I’m struggling with writer’s block, it often helps me to brainstorm writing prompts (or find images that inspire me), and then try to write to them. So here are some (thirteen!) spooky and horror themed ones as it’s that time of year. Hope they provide some Halloweenspiration! A door that only opens at everyContinue reading “13 Spooky Writing Prompts”

Micro and Tweet-Length Fiction– Some Competitions and Prompts

Whilst absorbed in the busy world of editing for various projects, I’ve felt like I haven’t had that same buzz that comes with creating new work. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy editing and honing my writing to the best it can be, with redrafting and restructuring. But editing for me exercises different writing muscles.Continue reading “Micro and Tweet-Length Fiction– Some Competitions and Prompts”