News: Daughter of Fire and Water on 2022 British Fantasy Awards Shortlist

I’m absolutely delighted (and still in slight shock!) that my debut audio drama ‘Daughter of Fire and Water‘ has been shortlisted for Best Audio in the 2022 British Fantasy Awards. And it’s in excellent company too!

I’ve looked out for the British Fantasy Society’s shortlists announcements over the years to see which books, stories, anthologies, audio productions, and more I should be keeping an eye out for, and I can’t quite believe that my name is on there this year! This is so exciting for myself and Chris Gregory – the audio drama’s producer from Alternative Stories & Fake Realities – as well as the brilliant cast (Kelsey Griffin, Lewie Watson, Simone Lowe and Peter Forbes), and our super talented musician Cameron Mackay who did the soundtrack.

I’m also thrilled to see familiar names from my Edinburgh Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers group up for awards in different categories: Lorraine Wilson (who is also a fellow agency colleague) is up for three awards, two for her novel This is Our Undoing (Luna Press Publishing), and for her short story ‘Bathymetry’ published in Strange Horizons, and T. H. Dray for ‘Henrietta’, a beautifully moving short story that was published in BFS Horizons #13. Also brilliant to see other familiar Scottish names and presses on the list, like Edinburgh’s own Luna Press Publishing and Shoreline of Infinity Magazine. What an excellent SFF literary scene we have in Scotland!

The full shortlist is now online here and winners will be announced in September at Fantasy Con – I can’t wait to be there!

Daughter of Fire and Water is free to listen to via these links:

Part One

Part Two

More info about the audio drama can be found here and you can watch the full trailer below:

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