24 Writing Prompts – #WritingAdvent

I missed out on doing NaNoWriMo as I was working on editing and revising (and trying to keep some work life balance), but I’m keen to spend December writing some new things – so I thought doing an advent of writing prompts could be a fun activity! I’ve created 24 prompts for this – feel free to use them and join me if you’re in a similar position and want some inspiration!

  1. Pick up a random book, flick through it and stop at a page. Use the first complete line on that page as a jumping off point.
  2. Choose two or three holiday songs and write a story based on the song titles.
  3. Add a seasonal twist to a fairytale, folklore story or myth.
  4. Continue this story: “I’d never felt so cold.”
  5. Write from the point of view of an object in your house – you could even choose a seasonal item!
  6. Imagine celebrating a holiday on another planet.
  7. Write something using these words: ice, forest, eclipse.
  8. Or, use a random word generator like this one then use those words in a story.
  9. “I shouldn’t have said anything.” What happens next?
  10. A present that gets lost.
  11. What if you could visit your past memories by looking at a photo?
  12. Look at your bookshelf and choose three or four words from titles at random, and write something based on that (for example, I did one for mine and got: record, pine, authenticity, invisible)
  13. Think about what might become a tradition in a far future and write about it – in your local area, on Earth, or beyond…
  14. A haunted decoration.
  15. Continue the story: “The door hadn’t been opened in years.”
  16. Write something using these words: soot, whisper, ink.
  17. What if snowfall allowed you to travel back in time?
  18. Write about a dog’s first holiday season.
  19. Look into a winter folklore or mythology story and write something based on it.
  20. A candle that only ignites when you tell it a secret.
  21. “Something stirred in the garden .” What happens next?

Finally some photo prompts for 22-24:


Thanks for reading! Feel free to tag me on Twitter as @writerlynds if you end up creating anything from these! And please do share 🙂

Happy Writing!

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